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About Us

Telecom Training Associates Inc.
22515 S. Scheer Rd.
Frankfort, Illinois 60423

Telephone: 1-815-469-5521

Telecom Training Associates, Inc. is a vendor-neutral, independent telecommunications training company located in Frankfort, Illinois. All employees are former Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) Learning Services technical telecom course developers and instructors. The company was formed in early 2004. Since then we have been teaching our classes to clients worldwide. We are a 100% veteran-owned company.

Our areas of expertise are telecom signaling including SS7, Intelligent Networking (AIN, CAMEL and WIN), wireless standards (ANSI-41 and GSM MAP), wireline and wireless network fundamentals, data communications fundamentals, Sigtran, Diameter, SIP, IMS and VoIP. All of our instructors are CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals and SS7 certified. Telecom Training Associates provides customized technical training courses throughout the world. Our client-site classes can be customized to individual telecom networks, thus adding to its value. In addition, we can be the training resource for companies to not only train their own employees, but to develop and deliver training to their client's site on their own unique products. Lastly, we can partner with member companies to augment their own training programs with some or all of our current courseware. In short, we are a value-added resource allowing companies to offer pertinent, high-quality training to their employees or clients. We work with all client companies to ensure they receive job-relevant, high-quality training. This allows us to deliver courses ranging from executive overviews to highly detailed hands-on courses designed for Engineers, Planners and Technicians. There are three overall areas where Telecom Training Associates helps their clients. The first is to provide "off-the-shelf" or customized training in one of the disciplines that we teach. This allows us to be flexible to the needs of our customers. Often times they have certain employees needing a higher level instruction and others requiring a more detailed explanation. We can take our existing course modules and tailor them to individual company needs. The second area that we help our clients is by offering our courses as part of their own training curriculum. Many companies have their own high-quality training curriculums offered to their employees and customers. We can augment and enhance that curriculum by offering our courses to them. We would then become one of their "instructors" to teach our courses. The third area that we can help clients is by becoming their "Training Department". There are many companies that offer telecom signaling or intelligent networking products but they don't have a training department to teach their customers how to use that equipment. Telecom Training Associates can write and deliver courseware for them. For convenience all of our classes can be taught:


Live, via WebEx

Recorded, via WebEx

We offer a variety of courses around several disciplines as shown. The following is a brief summary of what we offer:

SS7 - SS7 is the primary signaling protocol used today in wireline and wireless networks. SS7 is used by telephone switches to set up interoffice calls and to query databases. These courses range from 2 days to 5 days in length.

Wireless Standards - these are defined standards that mobile telephone operators use for things like mobility management (knowing where the subscriber is), Short Message Service (SMS) and intersystem handoffs.

The two standards are:



Courses range from 2 days to 4 days.

Intelligent Networks - Intelligent Networking (IN) is how telephone companies deliver advanced services to their customers. This includes:

Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)

Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL)

Wireless Intelligent Networking (WIN)

Wireline and Wireless Fundamentals - we offer several courses that explain how the networks operate. These are 2 to 3 day classes.

Sigtran - This really falls into the SS7 group. It explains the suite (group) of protocols that use the name "Sigtran". This is used where companies use the services of the higher layers of the SS7 protocol but the lower layers are transported over a packet-based network like an internet.

Diameter - The Diameter course covers the base protocol as well as the 3GPP interfaces related to IMS, LTE and PCC.

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the signaling protocol used to set up interoffice voice paths using Voice over IP (VoIP).

IMS - The IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) as defined by the 3GPP, is an architecture that enables network operators to offer their subscribers multimedia services based on and built upon internet applications, services and protocols.

UMTS Basics - this is a fairly high-level view of the various terms and concepts surrounding UMTS.

VoIP - Voice over IP (VoIP) is another fundamentals class explaining the principles of transporting voice over a packet-based network.

Number Portability - We offer both Local Number Portability (LNP) and Wireless Number Portability (WNP) courses.

E-911 - for both wireline and wireless providers.

LTE - a high level view of the architecture and interfaces used in Long Term Evolution (LTE).

All of our courses are written in such a fashion that they can easily be customized and tailored to individual clients. For example, we can take our standard GSM MAP class and add it to SS7 Protocols to come up with a class geared directly at someone needing to understand the protocol usage and structure of the GSM application.

Telecom Training Associates has taught classes to a variety of clients. We are proud to include among them:

Acision (Brno, Czech Republic)

Avea (Istanbul)


Bahamas Telecom

• Bell Canada

Bell Mobility

Centennial Wireless

Cincinnati Bell


Cricket Communication


Effortel (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Fairpoint Communications

Hawaii Telecom

Oi (Brazil)


Rural Cellular Corporation

SBC Sitronics (Prague)

Sprint Nextel


TATA Communications (Hyderabad)

Tekno Telecom

Telcordia Technologies



Time Warner



US Cellular

US Government


Verizon Wireless