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"This was an excellent course. I really needed to know more about GSM and CDMA technologies and the differences. The instructor had it organized very well and for a very complex subject - he explained it well." R.M. Midrivers Telephone Co.

"Highly informational and I see the course being very applicable to my job." R.K. Quest Communications

"The instructor was the best that I have had in 30 years of training courses." H.L. AT&T

"Very informative and detailed. Especially liked the practical hands-on applications. I feel like I have a basic idea about the SS7 platform and look forward to learning more." R.J. Verizon

"The course gave a great background and history of cellular service which really helped when moving forward with the new technology. The industry standard acronyms can be overwhelming, but great slides and drawn representations combined with a great speaker really helped." B.K. GCI Communications

"Excellent presentation. Course moved well and the instructor made sure questions were answered and introduced many real world examples." D.C. Hewlett Packard Corp.

"I now have a better understanding of what to look for on a printout via the protocol analyzer. I also have a better understanding of some of the prompting sequences my switch is using and asking me for." V.C. Wantelco Inc.

"Instructor was excellent, pace was just right and exercises focused on the material presented." S.G. US Government - DOD

"The course was very well taught and the book supplied was followed. This made it easier to understand the material. The instructor was very knowledgeable of this subject. Now I know the value of having a CompTIA Certified trainer. All my questions were fully answered and explained so it could be understood." R.P. Verizon Wireless

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