Course Name: SS7 Protocol Online Recorded - WebEx SESSIONS

Course Length: Three - 7 hour recorded sessions


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Description: The Signaling System 7 Protocol On-line course provides an in-depth look at the structure and supporting documents of this widely-deployed telecom signaling protocol.  A thorough understanding of its definitions, use and deployment is essential to anyone operating, managing or maintaining the complex telephony network.  Emphasis is placed on underlying documentation that supports the protocol’s structure and use in trunk setup and application services.

Course Outline:

Exercises are provided throughout the course re-enforcing a practical understanding of the material.  This gives the student practice in analyzing the SS7 protocol and understanding how the data being sent and received is used.

What You Will Learn: This course will provide the structure of the protocol down to the binary level, allowing the student to evaluate SS7 messages as they are used in the Common Channel Signaling (CCS) network.  There is also a thorough examination of the feature services that are deployed and how the network and the SS7 protocol support those services.

Who Will Benefit From This Course: This course will be an invaluable tool for those individuals responsible for maintenance and surveillance of the voice or signaling network.  In addition it would be valuable for network or traffic engineers, technical support and interconnection specialists.

Course Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of telephony and signaling would be helpful, but not essential.


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