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  • SS7 Protocol Online - A three-day live over the web course explaining the SS7 Protocol down to the binary level providing an understanding of its structure and use in delivering voice and other services in the PSTN.
  • IMS Signaling (IP Multimedia Subsystem) - A four-day course that offers an in-depth understanding of Diameter and SIP Protocols which are at the heart of providing voice, presence and other services and capabilities in the IMS.
  • Diameter - A two-day course covering the base protocol at the binary level and how it's used to allow peers to exchange a variety of messages, including messages for AAA and mobility management in the IMS as well as policy and charging.
  • IP - We offer SIP, SIGTRAN, IMS, VoIP and VoLTE courses
  • Wireless - From Overview seminars to details on ANSI-41, GSM, WIN and CAMEL with protocol capture hands-on activities
  • SS7 - For those just starting or those needing advanced information. We are the only training organization to have "SS7 Certified" instructor-led courses
  • We specialize in providing customized Onsite or Over the Web courses

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