Course Name: Diameter Protocol Online - RECORDED WebEx SESSIONS


Course Tuition: $895.00


Course Length: Four 4-hour sessions



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Description: With the emergence of new technologies and services like mobile broadband, the need for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) functionality has never been greater. Diameter serves as a base protocol that allows peers to exchange a great variety of messages and can be extended in order to provide AAA services to new access technologies. It is the primary signaling protocol for AAA and mobility management in IMS; it finds extensive application for policy and charging in 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE); and is also an integral part of the NGN network.

The Diameter base protocol is intended to provide an AAA framework for applications such as network access or IP mobility. It is also intended to work in both local and roaming situations. This course covers the architecture, message format, transport, error reporting, message flows, accounting and security services to be used by Diameter applications.Special attention is given to the online access and use of the industry technical specifications.


Course Outline:


         Diameter Base Protocol


  Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA) overview


  Introduction to Diameter

  Diameter specification and online access

  Protocol stack overview

  Diameter applications

  Diameter architecture - clients, servers & agents

   Stateful agents

   Stateless agents

   Relay agents

   Proxy agents

   Redirect agents

   Translation agents

  Realm-based routing

  Connections & sessions

  Initiating messages

  Diameter requests & answers

  Security framework - TLS

  Protocol structure

         IP structure

         TCP structure

         SCTP structure

         Diameter structure

         AVP structure

  Command codes

  Attribute Value Pair (AVP) codes

  Diameter base protocol commands and answers

         Uses & examples


  Mobile IPv4 application

         Architecture & entities

         Diameter messages


  Network Access Server (NASREQ) application

         Messages and call flows


  Other applications

         3GPP, credit control SIP


         Diameter in IMS


  Overview of IP Multimedia System (IMS) architecture

  IMS entities

  IMS reference points

         Cx & Dx reference points

         Diameter messages on the Cx and Dx interfaces

         Sh reference point

         Diameter messages on the Sh interface

  Charging architecture

         Offline charging

         Online charging

  Policy in the IMS

         Policy Control Function (PCF)

  Call flows using SIP and Diameter


         Diameter in LTE/EPC


  LTE architecture

  EPC architecture

  The Home Subscriber Server (HSS)/AAA

  Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) reference points

         S6a & S6d interfaces

         Diameter messages on the S6a and S6d interfaces

         S13 & S13 interfaces reference point

         Diameter messages on the S13 & s13 interfaces

  Mobility management call flows


         Offline charging

         Online charging

  Policy in the EPC

         Policy Control Function (PCF)

         hPCRF (home)

         vPCRF (visited)

         Rx interface & Diameter messages

         Gx interface & Diameter messages

  Charging in the EPC

         Online Charging

         Gy interface & Diameter messages

         Offline charging

         Gz interface & Diameter messages


         SCTP Link Issues


  Stream Transmission Control Protocol (STCP)

o   Payload

o   Control


Exercises are provided throughout the course, re-enforcing a practical understanding of the material. In addition, each student will receive a high-quality workbook and all of the necessary supplies.


What You Will Learn: This course will give the student a solid background in the architecture, message format, accessing the technical specifications and uses of the Diameter protocol.


Who Will Benefit From This Course: This course will be an invaluable tool for those individuals responsible for maintenance and surveillance of the LTE or IMS network.. This is especially true for personnel working in a control center environment such as the NOC, INAC, ESAC, etc. Others that would benefit include those involved with network engineering, surveillance and planning.


Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of data communications and TCP or SCTP / IP would be helpful, but not necessary.


Instructors: All of our instructors have years of experience developing and teaching technical courses at Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) Learning Services in Lisle, IL.. They are all CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals and SS7 certified.


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